We will be consolidating our knowledge in numbers within 10. Children will identify numbers within 10 and represent them using objects and pictures. We will learn the meaning of the vocabulary, ‘same as’ (=) and how to use it as well as the sign that goes with it.

Our topic book Beegu, will be linked to geography and science. In geography, we will be looking at different seasons and talk about which season Beegu crashed her space ship on earth. We will be testing different materials in science. We will then talk about our observations and record them. It will be fun so, watch this space.

This week’s Learning (beginning 16.09.2019)

This week, maths was fun! We looked at all the numbers from 1-10. We did a lot of activities to find one more and one less than a given number within 10. Children were challenged to explain the reasoning behind their answers.

In topic, we shared the story about Beegu, the alien, who was lost and was found by her parents. We came up with different words to describe Beegu’s feeling and, talked about and wrote what we could do to help her feel happy. In science, we identified different materials of everyday objects, talked about their about their properties and group them according to their properties.