Next Week’s Learning (beginning 18.11.19)

Our key text next week is George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell. From this the children will learn how to write instructions using time connectives such as; first, next, then, finally.

In maths we are continuing to solve subtraction problems using different resources and methods.

Next week is road safety week and we will be talking about keeping safe on the roads.

The children have all received a letter today about the school Christmas lunch you can choose; a Traditional Turkey Dinner, a Halal Option or a Vegetarian Option.The cut off slip on the bottom needs to be completed and returned to school by Friday 22nd November.

There will be more letters going out, as we approach the Christmas season, about class parties and Christmas productions. Please keep an eye out for them.

This Week’s Learning (beginning 11.11.19)

The week started with Armistice Day (or Remembrance Day) In our classes we discussed what this means and how we commemorate it. We also talked about how poppies have become a symbol of remembrance at this time. The children observed the 2 minutes silence at 11am and then made their own poppies to take home.

It is anti-bullying week, this is a national initiative that we are taking part in. We have talked about what bullying is and how to recognise it. The children also learned about the different forms bullying may take. We talked about why people become bullies and the reasons why some people are bullied. The classes have had lots of discussions about it being OK to be different as that’s what makes us special and unique and is not a reason to be bullied. We used a lovely book by Todd Parr called Its Ok to be Different to support the learning and we have encouraged the wearing of odd socks to symbolise this. The children have designed anti bullying posters and pairs of odd socks!

We are using finishing techniques to complete our model castles in order to make them look appealing and authentic.

In maths the children are practising comparing two amounts and using the appropriate mathematical language. They have practiced finding the difference between two amounts using a range of resources to help them. All the children have been given their Mathletics logins and have had some tasks set for them, please have a look at encourage the children to have a go.

Thank you to those who came to our shared reading time. We will be opening up early, 2.20pm, every Thursday in order for you to join us for a reading time in your class. This is an opportunity for you to read with the children in an informal atmosphere in the classroom. Do please come the children love seeing you there!

Next Week’s Learning ( beginning 11.11.19)

Monday is remembrance day and in Year 1 we will be observing a one minute silence in honour of the fallen. We will discuss the significance of this in our usual Monday circle time and have planned some activities around it.

Next week is Anti-Bullying week and so most of out topic work will be based around this. There will be stories, songs and activities to enable the children to understand what bullying is, how to spot it and what to do about it. As part of this we are asking every one to wear odd socks to show that it is ok to be different.

In Maths we are revisiting subtraction and will be using concrete objects before moving on to pictorial representations and finally number sentences in much the same way that we taught number bonds to ten.

We will start setting maths home work via Mathletics very soon so look out for your child’s login card, it will be on the inside of there home/school liaison book.

On Monday the photographers will be in again this time to take photos of siblings together.

This Week’s Learning (beginning 4th November)

Thank you to all those who brought some conkers or Autumn leaves in, we have created a small Autumn display in the Year 1 corridor.

In our topic the children have been learning about castles, they know about why they were first built and the names and functions of some of the features. In D&T they have designed and made a model of a castle with a draw bridge. They had to work with a partner and make a pulley system that allows the drawbridge to go up and down.

In maths the children have been exploring number bonds to 10 in as many different ways as possible. They have developed a greater understanding by using concrete objects before moving on to using pictorial representations and finally number sentences.

Next Week’s Learning (beginning 4th November)

In our maths lessons for next week, we will start drawing on our knowledge of addition within 10 and subtraction within 10 to help us solve problems involving number bond to 10.

In Topic our focus is on History and we will continue with our lessons on castles and dragons. This week, we will be describing castles using descriptive words and the names of the different sections or parts of castles we looked at last week. We will then design our castles based on our previous knowledge, and once we are pleased with our designs we will start making our castles. You might be invited on a tour in our castles once they are completed.

This Week’s Learning (beginning 28th October 2019)

We looked at how to subtract one digit numbers within 10 in maths using different objects with a focus on numicons and the ten frame. We learned how to write subtraction number sentences to show how we used the numicons and the ten frame. We then went ahead and solved the subtraction number sentences.

Topic is related to history this term and we will be learning about castles and dragons. We could not be more excited when we heard the word dragons! We discussed what we already know about castles and what more we would like to know about them. We then discussed what castles were used for and identified different parts of castles and the role each part played in protecting and adding beauty to the castles.

Next Week’s Learning (beginning 14th October)

Next week in our maths lessons we will be coming to the end of the unit on place value and beginning to use our knowledge to subtract within 10.

We will be engaging in lots of Art next week. We will be designing, sketching and then creating a textured collage of an imaginary planet for Beegu.

Please remember that we have our parent consultation meetings on Thursday so school is closed from 1pm. Don’t forget to sign up online for the meeting with your class teacher.

Please collect your children on time as many of them find it distressing if you are late.